Wednesday, December 15, 2010


For the next Kynetx competition I decided to create AmaCraigBay. I have always talked to friends about how they got this really cool stuff from Craigslist for really cheap, or free. I never think to check Craigslist when I need something. I always pay full price. So, I figured I would put eBay and Craigslist results on Amazon search pages, that way whenever I am on Amazon looking for something, not only will I remember to check Craigslist and eBay, I will see the most popular item from each site right above Amazon's results.

I searched on Amazon for an iPad, and guess what, Craigslist beat both Amazon and eBay for the cheapest iPad (non-used) by almost $100 dollars. It's just an email and a short drive away. So if I don't win the competition, at least I can try my luck with Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist all in one page.

Here is a screenshot:

If you want to try it out, here are the browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. I haven't try the IE extension but it should work.

Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

If you prefer a Bookmarklet, just drag the link below to your bookmark toolbar, and press it when you are on an Amazon search page.


Found a cheaper iPad on Craigslist while searching Amazon
When you first visit Amazon, you should see a box asking you to enter your Craigslist city (this won't happen with the bookmarklet until after you press it).  Go to Craigslist and find your city.  Look at the URL and put the part between http:// and in for your city.  You should see the results when you search (and if your using the bookmarklet, after you press the button on a search results page).  You need to accept 3rd Party cookies from for it to remember your city.


  1. Thanks. Thanks for Kwiki too. That is super useful. I wish I had it developing this. Congrats on the gift card.

  2. This is great, Chris! We are excited to use it. I'm glad you came up with it. The only question -- after I type in what I'm searching for and the hits show up... and it shows Monterey's Craigslist and then I click on "see all" on the Craigslist portion -- and then it goes to Hawaii -- not Monterey. I'm sure I just messed something up -- how do I fix that?

  3. Ops, I made that link always go to hawaii instead of the city you selected. I have fixed it so that it will go to your city now. You don't have to reinstall anything. Just try it again. It might take an hour or so for the changes to work their way through the system.